The bridge between human-centered design and technical expertise for custom software solutions

Struggling with generic solutions that don't meet the unique needs of your business? Tired of trying to make off-the-shelf products work for you?

At TRIGO, we understand the pain and frustration of this.

We specialize in custom software solutions that bridge the gap between human-centered design and technical expertise. Our expertise in software development, managed services, and technology consulting ensures that we create tailored solutions specifically for your business needs and budget.

Don't settle for a generic one-size-fits-all solution, let TRIGO help you reach new heights.

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We built custom software solutions for

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Let's just face it: building custom software is risky & expensive.

Which is why we at TRIGO are all about doing the necessary groundwork — before you invest.

We'll break down your company goals, processes and tech stack to truly understand what custom software is bound to deliver the best ROI for your business. We call it the...

discovery phase

Then, we'll build your software.

But there are a couple of things we do differently. The main one being that we build on open source with a cloud native culture as our baseline.

Technology that easily lets you connect your systems, stay flexible and scale your processes. Systems that allow you to develop and deploy fast. And a safety net other software companies won't give you: the freedom to walk away with the source code and never have to rely on us.

From experience, long term partnerships make for the best software ROI.

Whether we built yours or not — we can help operate and maintain your software system, ensure the engines run smoothly and never let it become a legacy solution.

Markus, Christian and David. Founder of TRIGO

Markus, Christian and David. Founder of TRIGO

As founders ourselves, we understand the challenges and rewards of running a business.

We know that you are responsible for the success and growth of your company, and that it can be challenging, but also offers the opportunity to shape the future of your business and be in control of your own destiny.

We are here to support you and appreciate the important role that your business plays in our economy.

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Custom software: your competitive edge

Many of our clients come to us and ask: should I build or buy my software? Truly, we can only answer that question by diving deep into your business in a discovery phase.

But here are just some of the competitive advantages we've seen custom software create:

Increased employee satisfaction

Because bad software can get frustrating.

Increased efficiency

You can scale your business, without hiring a ton of people.

Increased profit

Software adds value to your business, creates happy customers and drives sales.

If you want to dig a little deeper. Check out our insight on
Build or buy software?

See how custom business software has helped our clients succeed, no sales pitch involved. Just real-world examples. Guaranteed.

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