Got software systems that don't talk to each other?

Let's fix that.

TRIGO helps CTOs & CIOs to leverage Apache Kafka, connect software systems, and keep their engines running.

We speak human and computer.

Software development process

Clients we've consulted:

3-S-IT Dienstleistungen GmbHIT-Services der Sozialversicherung GmbHÖsterreichischer GewerkschaftsbundSantander Consumer Bank GmbHÖsterreichischer Rundfunk
Software development process

A tried and tested process that will get you to the
finish line.

While staying agile — our approach is always the same.

Our process has been over a decade in the making, is bound to minimize your workload and leave few frustrations along the way.

Systems that let you scale.

Growing a business isn't an easy task, especially when your systems aren't talking to each other and your data's incorrect. We'll connect your systems, so you can scale your business processes without compromise.

How? We leverage Kafka & Kafka Connect to build system integration pipelines. Download our white paper now to find out how you can too:

A friendly bunch who'll keep you in the loop.

Working as a tight-knit team is key to achieving your next breakthrough.

Our dedicated team of developers, product owners, architects, and UX experts will be there to offer their experience and expertize every step of the way.

Developers, product owners, architects, and UX experts in Vienna, Austria.

Software services that convince.

TRIGO.connect: Let your systems talk.

Our consulting service to help you leverage Kafka technology, connect your systems and keep them running. Custom business software development.

We'll walk you through a discovery phase and build custom software tailored to your needs and wants.

Software development process

Thanks to TRIGO’s expertise, reliability, and our long-term collaboration, we’ve been able to deliver modern customized business applications to our clients for many years now. We’ve found the perfect sparring partner when it comes to the technicalities of software development, and the ideal infrastructure it runs on, along with regular maintenance, and containerized hosting and delivery infrastructure. We immensely value TRIGO’s professionalism, flexibility, and attention to our individual needs and circumstances.

Günther Lamprecht
CTO of 3-S-IT

Our work

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