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SunRocks GmbH
The technology behind it
  • React.js based Web Applications
  • for rapid API building
  • Back-end services using Node.js
  • PostgreSQL as primary data storage
  • Keycloak — for SSO
  • Built with Jenkins into Docker images
  • Deployed to our Red Hat OpenShift cluster

SunRocks: a story of how a two-person team is completely disrupting the insurance industry

As founder, owner, and managing director, Roland Hehle takes care of everything you can think of at SunRocks GmbH — which also includes ensuring that the company stays competitive. As an insurance broker and IT service provider, he offers insurance dealers a platform to create and manage contracts and report claims.

Together with his wife as his business partner, he manages around 47,000 insurance contracts — which is pretty impressive for a team of two if you ask us. Our software solution has enabled him to venture into a new business area that didn't exist before. We talked to him about our cooperation.

The challenge: staying flexible & independent

Almost 5 years ago, Roland Hehle was faced with a big decision on where to take his company next. He had two choices — either go digital or scale his team. Quite soon it became clear that he didn't have any ambitions to expand his team. He wanted the company to grow through digitalization while remaining independent.

Due to a lack of technical skills and limited time resources, Roland approached TRIGO. "I had a good gut feeling right from the start," he says. And although he initially considered the implementation of his software a significant risk, he knew it was the only way to ensure long term success. The prerequisite for this: the technology had to grow with the company.

SunRocks Kundenportal - Versicherungsübersicht

Our solution

The TRIGO team built a technically reliable database for SunRocks, which offers the company flexible options and can always be expanded if needs be.

Over the years, we've developed three applications to access the SunRocks database. Each application has different access rights adapted to the respective user. Be it an insurance broker, a clerk, or an end customer, everyone can access the relevant information associated with a specific insurance policy.

At first, the entire database was only accessed and used by Roland Hehle and the SunRocks GmbH. Now, the applications have also become a staple among his customers. From early on in the project, we developed a fully integrative API, which means we can build applications that can not only be used by SunRocks, but also by the company's customers. Open source technology gives SunRocks transparent access to the source code and fulfills the company's requirement to remain independent. The database can be filled with information from the backend and frontend and depicts various reports and evaluations. SunRocks' tool also enables users to easily extract Excel lists to forward them to bureaucratic institutions easily.

Database applications developed by TRIGO:

  • SunRocks Center
  • SunRocks Partner Portal
  • SunRocks Customer Portal

The entire process has always been about handling similar business processes and optimizing or automating them. "Insurance policies are always signed off for items such as ski equipment, cameras, etc. We enable the corresponding administration."

How we work together

Communication: we touch base with Roland and SunRocks GmbH almost daily, and we're always in close contact.

Skills we can offer SunRocks: "For me, it's clearly the problem-solving capability — everything depends on that," says Roland Hehle.

Why SunRocks has proven to be a good client

What usually sets excellent cooperation apart is the lack of expectation that everything should come from us. "Roland takes time out of his busy day to explain the industry — the more we understand the industry, the more the TRIGO team can think on their feet, play an active role in product development, and work independently," says Project Owner Kerstin.

All in all, we can safely say that we have a very close working relationship, based on mutual respect. Roland: "For me, it's admirable how TRIGO has familiarized itself and now knows the insurance industry incredibly well — which has been decisive for our smooth sailing cooperation so far."

How SunRocks has benefited

  • Creation of an entirely new business venture
  • Currently, over 65,000 policies are managed through the software
  • 100% of SunRocks' core business can be attributed to TRIGO's software

For me, our software solution's winning factor is its flexibility. If we hadn't made these adjustments over time, I don't even want to know where SunRocks would be today. We've implemented a huge amount in the last 4 years — and that's something a company larger than TRIGO couldn't have offered me.

Roland Hehle

Managing Director of SunRocks

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