Digitalization, without the unnecessary fluff.

We founded TRIGO to do things differently. Focus on the human and interpersonal side of things while leveraging technology as a tool to get the results you want. We develop business software at the highest possible standards—locally and with nothing but a genuine understanding for our clients.

The type of work we’re really good at.

Delivering great work comes with knowing where your expertise lies and where it doesn’t. This is why not every project is a good fit, and we want to ensure it is.

If your business challenges cover any of the following, let’s talk:

  1. You’ve lost your way in a jungle of Excel sheets, and mistakes often happen because of it.

  2. You feel like you have way too many manual processes, and you’re often looking to hire new employees just to handle the current business load.

  3. The software solution you’re using is outdated or has reached its limits.

  4. You have several custom business software solutions - but they can’t seem to interact with one another.

  5. Your current software leads to a lot of frustration amongst employees because it is complicated and doesn’t make sense.

  6. You want to start a new project or venture into a new line of business and need a solid technical foundation.

  7. You want to offer your customers a user experience, something that standard software simply cannot fulfill.

In 30 minutes, I will answer all your questions about the digitization of your business processes. We will explore whether we are a good match and our services can help your business. It's completely free. No strings attached.

Our services

Although our client’s business software is always 100% customized, our approach is still the same. We’ve developed a tried and tested process that delivers top-notch results time and time again. This process consists of 3 main phases.


Discovery Phase

This phase is where we get to know your business, its processes, and its challenges. Now, you might be thinking that you can tell us all of that in 30 mins - right? Wrong. Because (we hate to break it to you) but you often don’t see the actual problem at hand. Or, you might have identified the wrong one altogether. And that’s where we come in.

What you’ll get: Service blueprints, personas, task flows, and wireframes to highlight what’s stopping your business from scaling and how software can fix it

Custom business software development

Once we’ve nailed down the problem that needs solving, we can move on to the software’s technical implementation.; a very intensive process where we work and coordinate closely with you. It entails repetitive work cycles, each focusing on a specific area or feature.

What you’ll get: software that works and collaboration with a dedicated team of developers, product owners, architects, and UX experts, who offer their expertise every step of the way.

Cloud-native infrastructure

To get the best possible return on your software investment, you’ll need to maintain it once it’s done. The 3rd phase is all about making sure your software is always running and up to scratch. No matter where your employees work, from the office, home, or on the beach—we’ll ensure they won’t have any downtime.

What you’ll get: top-notch software infrastructure that keeps everything running, regular updates to ensure your technology’s up to the latest standard, and friendly service like no other.

Our promise

100% money-back guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the services and results in the first 30 days of our collaboration, we will refund the full amount — no questions asked.

Bug-free guarantee

We stand behind our work and have high standards when it comes to the quality we deliver. Which is why we will fix any technical problems or errors free of charge, even if the project has already been approved. This service goes beyond the claims you're entitled to under the statutory warranty.


As a small company, it’s crucial that our IT keeps up with the growing number of projects and customers—or even better: be a few steps ahead. Because of our close cooperation with TRIGO, we’re always able to plan a few months ahead without increasing staff numbers, which gives us strategic freedom. Thanks to TRIGO’s flexibility, we’re also in demand as a project partner for large corporations.

Roland Hehle

Managing Director of SunRocks

Thanks to TRIGO’s expertise, reliability, and our long-term collaboration, we’ve been able to deliver modern customized business applications to our clients for many years now. We’ve found the perfect sparring partner when it comes to the technicalities of software development, and the ideal infrastructure it runs on, along with regular maintenance, and containerized hosting and delivery infrastructure. We immensely value TRIGO’s professionalism, flexibility, and attention to our individual needs and circumstances.

Günther Lamprecht

CTO of 3-S-IT

Thanks to TRIGO’s custom-made software, we can now chronologically coordinate and efficiently forward calls and tasks internally as a real estate management company. Since implementing the software, we’re no longer losing any more valuable information received over the phone.

Ursula Weichinger-Eibensteiner

Managing Director of Immobilien Weichinger

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