The bridge between human-centered design and technical expertise for custom software solutions

Struggling with generic solutions that don't meet the unique needs of your business? Tired of trying to make off-the-shelf products work for you?

At TRIGO, we understand the pain and frustration of this.

We specialize in custom software solutions that bridge the gap between human-centered design and technical expertise. Our expertise in software development, managed services, and technology consulting ensures that we create tailored solutions specifically for your business needs and budget.

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Our Services

Custom Software Development

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Discover Exosphere: We take pride in being the driving force behind the development of intelligent building management in collaboration with Loxone. Our expertise is reflected in every aspect of Exosphere - from conception to implementation.

Exosphere offers a comprehensive solution for central management, efficient collaboration, and meaningful data visualization of Loxone installations. Exosphere is specifically designed to simplify the operation and maintenance of Miniserver fleets, whether individually or as a team.

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Cloud Infrastructure

OpenShift Consulting & Operations

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We are here to provide comprehensive guidance and support, helping you navigate the world of Kubernetes and containerization.

We are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and delivering customized solutions to optimize your business.

Let us empower you with the knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of OpenShift and drive your digital transformation forward.

Single Sign On Solutions

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Empower your organization with streamlined authentication and comprehensive identity management.

Our experts specialize in delivering cutting-edge SSO solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Say goodbye to password fatigue and hello to seamless access control. Take control of your identity ecosystem and elevate your security posture with confidence.


Partner with us to unlock your digital future

No matter you are at the beginning stages of digitalization, in the planning phase, or already deeply immersed in the process, we are fully prepared to actively participate and support your journey.

With our comprehensive approach, we consistently prioritize the interplay and challenges between business, humans and technology. By doing so, we assist you in pinpointing the optimal next step towards progress.

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