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What applies to all jobs...

At TRIGO, you can expect a small but very powerful all-remote team. We don't currently have an office, but we meet up every few weeks to spend time together. But it's less about work. Where you work from in Austria and when exactly is up to you. 38.5, 35, 32 hours ... anything is possible. If you want to work abroad for a while, that's also possible. That depends more on the legislation than on us. Websites, online stores and apps are not our focus. We develop digital tools for everyday use. Operational control centers, business software, digital products, new business models cast in software, SaaS software for others and the like. From the idea to operation.

What we do...

Exosphere Logo
TRIGO, in cooperation with Loxone, has developed Exosphere. This platform allows for the management of Miniserver fleets, data visualization, and much more. We take care of hosting, operations, and scaling to ensure that Exosphere and the Miniservers work seamlessly together. Exosphere offers you the opportunity to participate in an exciting project and grow both professionally and personally. You will be involved in both frontend and backend development, allowing you to turn your passion for smart home technology into innovative solutions.

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TGW Logo
At TGW Logistics, we have successfully implemented OpenShift to establish centralized identity management. Previously, various applications were responsible for user management and authentication, leading to security risks and increased effort. By introducing a central Identity Provider (IdP) and a Centralized Authentication Service (CAS), we have simplified these processes and enhanced the security of our infrastructure. The next step is to operate this optimized infrastructure efficiently and ensure it runs smoothly.
Santander LogoFor Santander Consumer Bank, we have also implemented OpenShift and operate the entire system as a managed service. This means that we take full responsibility for maintenance, updates, monitoring, and troubleshooting, allowing Santander's team to focus entirely on their business priorities. Our customized solutions ensure the reliable operation of the OpenShift infrastructure around the clock, meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our valued customers.

Open positions

At TRIGO, we are constantly looking for smart and motivated individuals to join our team. Whether you come from frontend, backend, cloud native, project management, marketing, or another field, we are open to talented individuals who share our passion for innovation and excellence.

We firmly believe that diversity is our strength, and we welcome applications from people with different backgrounds and expertise. Our goal is not just to fill a specific position but to find talented people who fit into our dynamic team and want to work with us on exciting projects.

So, if you are looking for a new challenge and want to be part of an innovative and growing company, send us your application. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how you can contribute to TRIGO.

Your application process

1. You contact us (with a video if you like) at If you have a CV, send it along. A LinkedIn profile or a few words about yourself are also sufficient.

2. Christian will send you a link to his calendar. You can choose a slot to get to know him.

3. We chat without any obligation. You can ask questions. Christian will also ask a few. We'll also talk about money and the conditions. That has to fit.

4. We arrange a follow-up appointment. Depending on the job, you will meet different TRIGO employees (virtually). We'll see if we're a good match.

5. If it suits us both, we will make you an offer. We'll decide quickly, so don't keep us waiting forever.

6. If you accept, the onboarding begins.


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